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How to get 6m visitors article

Want huge 6 lakh visitors? Know how to get.

How to achieve traffic traction goals of 6 Lac visitors in 6 months using combination of online ads and an in-house content marketing team?

Hash dash digital article

Hashtag Research Tools for Marketing Pallab Kakoti

. Intensive marketing research is a prerequisite for online marketers to improve social selling and adapting to these demands by identifying to right hashtag marketing tools for research is the way forward.

Car pooling hshdsh article

Absolute mayhem anticipated ahead. Car pooling in rescue act! #ODDEven #OddEvenPlan

For one, Delhi Public transport connectivity is simply not enough in present scale of demand with #OddEven in play. Imagine impact of new commuters triggered by this proposal to an existing public transportation network which is already lagging for ages!!

Digital Marketing Consultancy | Pallab via #HSHDSH: Revealing 47 #ZetaSOS Now to Empower Remarkable Online Success

Digital Marketing Consultancy | Pallab via #HSHDSH:...

Pallab Kakoti // #plbkkt

Origin of Tattoo The word “Tattoo” in present day is defined by an array of styles and cultural illustrations permanently created within th layers of living human ......

D734776879d7470be4fd5f57ef606849 article

Pallab Kakoti // #plbkkt: Viral marketing is tough but not rocket ...

Jun 14, 2014 ... Creating a viral marketing campaign is a tough proposition but is definitely not rocket science and something very much achievable. #hd_viral ......

Go native article

Pallab Kakoti // #plbkkt: The Rise of Native Video Ads

Jan 22, 2014 ... Why brands prefer native ads & how industry statistics testify its reputation. # go_native via #hshdsh....